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Jekia Latham


Licensed Cosmetologist & Master of Social Work, Mental Health and Natural Hair Care Professional


A bit about me

Jekia Lynne Latham’s love for hair began at a very young age. She remembers stories told by friends and family of the many times she watch friends an in-home stylist at the time, beautify the neighborhood women. Jekia’s clientele grew quickly after years of watching her hairstylist friends and practicing on her dolls, little cousins, and neighborhood friends.


Jekia has these dolls with various hairstyles in her basement today. Doing hair was always a hobby and one year for her birthday, Jekia’s brother gifted her a mannequin head. Jekia created so many cool styles with her first-ever mannequin. 

The start of something

After years of dreaming and a family tragedy, Jekia decided to resign from Social Work as a director of a super-utilizer program in Springfield, PA in 2017. Jekia quickly found the best area school. She attended Rizzieri Aveda Cosmetology School and obtained a New Jersey and Pennsylvania license in July 2018. Jekia currently practices as a Textured Hair Care Professional in Somerdale, New Jersey, just 20 minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Illustrated Flowers 2


Jekia’s interest in Texture hair began in 2011 after meeting a woman with healthy, beautiful and long textured hair. Jekia’s interest took her down a path of natural hair care videos, photos, and influencers.


In 2017, Jekia found a Natural Hair Care Salon to learn various methods and techniques on how to properly care for and style natural hair. Jekia’s love for Textured hair continued to increase and she found another salon to learn more.

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Jekia has worked in a few natural hair care salons during her professional years. As of 2021, Jekia decided to venture out on her own as an owner and operator of a studio salon. 


Jekia enjoys working in a small setting where she can continue to practice many of her skills as a Social Worker and offer a therapeutic experience. Jekia believes that her shampoos are a form of self-care which she promotes often.


"My biggest inspiration, my dad. The one who supports me even when I doubted myself. My sun and my stars. The light that guides me every day to be a better person to make people happy through my hands"


                                       Jekia Latham

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